Fishing Trips - Back Bay, Ocean, Offshore

Back Bay Fishing Charters

The back bays offer a great way to introduce the kids to the water in a safe, fun, and economical way.  We will be featuring Back Bay Fishing Trips, Offshore Fishing Trips, Sightseeing, Tours, and plenty of fun for the kids and whole family.  OU has boats in Stone Harbor, Avalon, and Sea Isle City this coming Summer Season, so give us a call no matter what your interest.  From the serious offshore tuna trip to a fun filled sunset cruise.

4 Hour Back Bay Trip – Our most popular family fishing trip.  No sea sickeness, plenty of action, fishing very close to the dock and well within sight of land at all times.

Deep Sea Fishing Charters

Our Inshore and Deep Sea Fishing Charters come in three durations. 5 Hour half day charters, 8 hour full day charters, and 10 hour extended day charters for reaching those fish just a bit further offshore. Our NJ Deep Sea Fishing Charters offer a chance to get out in the Atlantic Ocean, and either troll, bottom fish, or do some wreck fishing. We target Bluefish, Flounder, Sharks, Tog, Striped Bass, and Weakfish.

5 Hour Half Day Trip – The favorite for the kids, our half day trips offer enough time to do some light trolling, bottom fishing, all while being within sight of land.

8 Hour Full Day Trip – This is our standard Deep Sea Fishing Trip, which allows us to venture up to 15-20 miles offshore if necessary, although often we are fishing within a mile or two of land. Trolling, Bottom Fishing, and Wreck Fishing are all possible on our Full Day Deep Sea Fishing Trips.

10 Hour Extended Day Deep Sea Trip – This Deep Sea Fishing Trip allows us to go a bit further in search of deep water flounder, larger bluefish, and also has chances at some smaller tuna and dolphin.

Offshore Fishing Charters

Over Under Adventures operates Stone Harbor’s premier canyon tuna charter boats. From May through November, you’ll find us tuna fishing the NJ Canyons out of Stone Harbor, NJ. Our offshore Stone Harbor Fishing Charters start at 10 hours and go up to 12, 15, 22 and even 46 Hour double overnight Stone Harbor Fishing Trips.  We fish for sharks, marlin, swordfish, dolphin, and of course Tuna, all types of tuna.  On our Stone Harbor Fishing Charters, we target Bluefin, Yellowfin, Longfin, and Bigeye Tuna.  We dock at Stone Harbor Point Marina which is one of the most conveniently located marinas, with respect to the inlet, anywhere in New Jersey. Chartering out of Stone Harbor allows our NJ Charter Boats to fish areas not frequented by the Cape May Charter Boats, like the Spencer, Lindenkohl, and Carteret Canyons.  Our crews fish Tuna and Marlin year round and are some of the best around.  NJ Charter Fishing in the canyons is one of the most exciting big game fishing trips around. You can catch virtually every type of tuna, in addition to swordfish, big sharks, dolphin, and marlin.

  • 10 Hour Stone Harbor Fishing Charter – Shark Charters and Some Bluefin Tuna (Best bet June)
  • 12 Hour Stone Harbor Fishing Charter – Standard Bluefin Tuna Charter
  • 15 Hour Stone Harbor Fishing Charter – Standard Day Canyon Charter
  • 22 Hour Stone Harbor Fishing Charter – Standard Overnight Canyon Charter
  • 46 Hour Stone Harbor Fishing Charter – Extended duration Overnight Canyon Charter

OPEN BOAT – We run split charters every week or two for offshore tuna.  Please click on the link below, if you’d like more information on joining a group